Tape Diagrams are found in many math modules on the EngageNY.org resource web site.  What are they and why should they become an important part of your math teaching strategies in K-8 lessons?  This course explores how tape diagrams can become an effective teaching strategy for teachers, as well as a powerful problem-solving tool for students.  Participants will try several exercises in which they will draw a tape diagram to solve. They will also look at the best ways to implement this great instructional tool into lesson planning. Let’s get this going!

Course Outcomes:

  • Generate working understanding of how Tape Diagrams are used to construct visual models for students in problem solving.
  • Perform effective strategies for using Tape Diagrams as a problem solving approach.
  • Formulate weekly lesson plans that connect curriculum to lessons and modules, namely A Story of Ratios.
  • Practice generating a complete daily lesson plan that involves Tape Diagrams in instruction.

This course is 20 hours