The Next Gen Science Standards and expectations that align with the Common Core Standards for English Language Arts in reading, writing, listening and speaking are the fundamentals of expanded study. Through the development and use of models, investigations, analysis, interpretation of data, and the use of applied thinking strategies to demonstrate understanding of core scientific concepts, participants will develop, practice with, and plan to implement literacy teaching strategy into science curriculum as they align to the expectations of Next Gen Science Standards and the Common Core. Through the citing of evidence, provision of support for ideas and text, gathering of information from multiple sources, transfer of visual information to the written, participants will understand how to help students make the important leaps from curriculum and knowledge, to application through hands-on performance tasks. 

Course Outcomes:

  • Explain the Next Gen Science Standards and their alignment to the Common Core. 
  • Develop, practice with, and implement the teaching of literacy strategy into grade appropriate science curriculum as it supports the Common Core and Next Gen Standards. 
  • Devise the facility to help students make important leaps from curriculum and knowledge to hands-on performance tasks.

This course is 20 hours