Acclimating adolescents into effective vocabulary understanding and use is one challenge of the Common Core. Using Module samples, participants will analyze the vocabulary components of the modules. In order to review aligned instructional and experiential practices, participants will discuss and practice with the vocabulary instructional components housed within the modules. Sound, research-based vocabulary practices will serve as catalysts to effective implementation of vocabulary module components to improve teaching and learning.

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding and working knowledge of the vocabulary instructional challenges within the Common Core, and the application to the NYS modules. 
  • Prepare and apply vocabulary instructional components applied to module instructional units. 
  • Devise sound, research-based vocabulary practices to effectively implement modules while supporting relevant vocabulary components. 
  • Inspect and analyze the assessment features of the curriculum modules that support vocabulary in order to effectively support expectations of the Common Core.

This course is 20 hours