Participants will be introduced to sound and scientific research as it promotes literacy across all content areas to help students build foundational skills across reading, writing, speaking and listening. They’ll learn the scaffolds behind them that aid students in the important transition process across all content areas. Intentional, consistent, and rigorous teaching of reading and writing strategy that improves student achievement will engage the 90/90/90 principled approach. Participants completing this course will take away implementation tools that include graphic organizers, semantic maps, thinking aids, checklists, rubrics and more.

Course Outcomes:

  • Understand how to move scientific theory into classroom literacy strategy across specific content areas.
  • Learn how to scaffold student progress along a rigorous strategy continuum.
  • Plan for scaffolding, implement lessons and reflect on them to modify as needed.
  • Understand how to import research-based literacy strategy into lessons for rigorous application and implementation.

This course is 20 hours