These courses are on-demand and self-paced. Participants will receive a certificate of completion once all assignments are successfully completed, and a quiz is passed with at least 80%.

Aligned to: Danielson Domains 1 and 2, Marzano Domains 2 and 3

Strong knowledge of content and pedagogy requires on-going research, reflection and classroom practices informed by what the data says about our students. This course offers working knowledge of current and best instructional planning and design processes. On-going preparation of coherent instruction includes reflection, alignment, high student outcomes, research and resources, and inter-disciplinary pedagogical strategies – all of which are examined and practiced with in this e-course. In addition to knowing when and how to communicate this knowledge to students and stakeholders, participants will gain familiarity with effective and discipline-specific pedagogical approaches that further understanding of and for students.

Course Outcomes:

  • Give examples of age-appropriate and cultural understanding of students through research and reflection.
  • Predict and prepare for setting high instructional outcomes for students by understanding their needs.
  • Develop working familiarity and practice with resources that aid in the planning of coherent instruction.

This course is 20 hours