These courses are on-demand and self-paced. Participants will receive a certificate of completion once all assignments are successfully completed, and a quiz is passed with at least 80%.

Participants in this e-course will learn the nuts and bolts behind successful professional learning communities by exploring the Dufour, Dufour & Eaker (2008) and Venables (2011, 2014) models . The teacher and administrative roles within them will be studied as they work toward on-going maintenance and the data analysis that leads to improved student achievement. From vision to PLC mission, each participant will build an action plan specific to grade-level and subject-area PLC needs.

Course Outcomes:

  • Appraise and justify the rationale behind the successful formation of a school PLC. 
  • Plan for and practice with several models of cross-curricular, grade and departmental PLCs. 
  • Apply the Dufour & Dufour PLC model to PLC teams using assigned protocols, and then reflect on the experiences.

This course is 20 hours