The challenges faced by some of our neediest children can be easily remedied through a combination of strategy, ingenuity and 21st century technologies. Among the most challenging aspects of behavior occurs when learning becomes fraught with frustration. Harnessing strategies consistent with how students think, work, and use technologies can level the playing field in classrooms with diverse learners. E-readers, handheld devices, Smartboard technology, Internet-based applications and other assistive technologies can assist in a range of ways from the highly gifted to the struggling learners, preventing or eradicating those behaviors that manifest into deeper learning challenges.

Course Outcomes:

  • Develop working familiarity with strategies and technologies that assist in teaching exceptional children and young adults.
  • Develop facility and utility with strategies, tools and technologies through planning and use in teaching exceptional children and young adults.
  • Work new strategy and resources into lessons and unit plans to begin implementation of a 21st century curriculum geared to teaching students challenged with behavioral issues.

This course is 20 hours