Through the examination of learners' cultural needs, along with developmental readiness, participants will become familiar with guidelines for appropriate textbook selection, web-based resources, and criteria for selection of responsive multicultural literature and related resources. Participants will expand their understanding of cultural responsiveness by examining models of research-based and differentiated literacy instruction with efficacy for moving up progress in second language learners. In preparation for designing their own differentiated and responsive curriculum, the stages of writing development and the research-based methods that guide them will be examined.

Course Outcomes:

  • Teach using a responsive teaching and learning curriculum.
  • Respond to students' cultural needs using a responsive curriculum that includes the stages of writing development.
  • Employ new strategies to classroom inclusion in a culturally and developmentally responsive curriculum using the stages of writing development.
  • Differentiate and scaffold lessons that respond to cultural and developmental readiness.

This course is 20 hours