Users have 20 weeks to complete each of the 60-hour FL DOE approved Reading Endorsement courses in Competencies 1 - 5:   ***Notice 3/23/23:  Current or New enrollments must be completed by 6/30/23.  All of these courses will expire as of 6/30/23.  If you do not complete the course by this date, no refunds will be issued for any incompletions.  Courses that meet the revised FDOE state statutes will be published and available for enrollment effective 7/31/23.***

Update (7/21/23):  The release for the new courses has been delayed.  New courses will have a "-2" in the course number (e.g. RL-ED-130-2).  The anticipated release date for the new courses is 7/31/23.  DO NOT ENROLL in these courses until after 7/31/23.


Update (7/31/23):  Deployment of new Reading Courses has been pushed to 8/3/31


  • Building Reading Comprehension: Foundations of Reading Instruction, Competency 1
  • Research-Based Literacy Strategy for All Content Areas, Competency 2
  • Foundations of Reading Assessment for Teachers and Principals, Competency 3
  • Differentiating Instruction and Assessments, Competency 4
  • Demonstration of Accomplished Practices: Reading Practicum, Competency 5